Tulamben, Bali June 2010
Once again I had the opportunity to return to
Tulamben in northern Bali for an eleven-day
diving trip. We arrived 2:30 am on the 25th of
June and booked into our rooms and set up my
battery chargers for the day ahead. Morning
came and I had the usual eggs and toast
breakfast followed shortly after with organising
my dive gear and camera. Once again we had
great dive guides to help us find photographic
subjects and with my bad eyesight I really need
them these days. We had three dives on this first
day and all were just along the local foreshore
where we found all sorts of macro life and
finished the day with a visit to the Coral Gardens cleaning station.
Day two took me to more of these sites with us finding Leaf Scorpion Fish, Ribbon eels, Gobies on Sea Pens and many small crabs and
lobsters. As with almost all days of diving the last dive was followed by a hot shower and a visit to
Wayans for Bintangs and downloading our shots for the day.
I dived the wreck of the Liberty for the first time for the trip on the third morning of diving. This was
followed by a two-dive trip up to Kubu Reef, which is generally cleaner water with deep reef structure.
Worth the visit. The last dive was back at the wreck, which finished a great day of diving.
Day four was made up of two dives along the foreshore as well as a two-dive trip to Seraya to look for
Coleman Shrimp. Unfortunately we were not successful in our quest to shoot these small shrimp but we
still had some good diving with our guide finding a boxer crab for us.
Seraya seems to have deteriorated over the last two years but this is only
my interpretation.
Day five = rest day.
After a bit of a break on day five I returned to the water on day six with a
visit to the wreck in the morning followed by my first ever dive on the
Drop-off site at the bottom corner of town. The visibility was quite good
and we could see the bottom at 60m. The dive is basically a wall dive with
huge Gorgonians and many soft corals and sponges. This was my only wide angle dive of the trip. I
finished the day with two dives on differing cleaning stations at Coral Gardens and further over near the
The next day was made up with the usual dive at the wreck and then a visit to a place near Seraya called
noisy reef. This was an interesting site with many large clusters of corals as well as Stonefish and many
other creatures. Our guide found a Pygmy Sea Horse here but at depth so my stay did not allow for a good
shot. This was also the location for the purple Leaf Scorpion fish seen in the Gallery. We had two dives
here followed by a final dive at the Tulamben slope, just near the wreck. This is the site where we found many small Gobbies on Whip
Day eight was made up of the usual morning dive on the Wreck and a couple of foreshore dives but was broken up with a boat dive. We
went on one of the small outrigger boats to a site called Alamanda just around the corner from the Drop-off. It was at this site where we
were lucky enough to get a couple of small Pygmy Seahorses. I finished my diving on day nine with three more dives along the foreshore
area and decided that night that the final day would be a rest day.
Once again, Tulamben Wreck Divers gave us 11 days of trouble free diving and accommodation and I would recommend these operators to
anyone visiting the area. They provide reliable equipment and their employees are always polite and helpful and have a great sense of