Bremer Bay, Western Australia 2010
I travelled down to Bremer Bay in Southern
Western Australia with Mick Tait to do a few
dives and scope the place out for a future trip.
We drove down on the Friday and spent the first
afternoon catching up with Craig at the local dive
shop and checking out a few of the local sites.
A quick run along the coast and we were able to
view four sites that were all easily accessible
from the shore without the heartache of lugging
gear long distances. From this little adventure we
were able to pick our first two sites to try the
next day.
Up and early on Saturday morning and we dropped in at the resort for an early breakfast before heading
off to the Back Beach Bommie for our first dive. The water was really clear but still cold for this time of
year so I could only spend about 75 minutes before the shivers set in and I aborted. Mick had a dry suit so
it was not much of a problem for him. The site is about 100m out from the beach and can’t be missed. It
is made up of large bommies that jut up to the surface from 10m with large gullies between. The marine life
here is astounding, the rock walls are covered in sponges, hard corals, Sea Squirts and small gorgonian
corals. On top of this there are many different Star Fishes, Basket Stars
and Tube Worms so there is little space to rest a supporting finger. Around
the bommies are schools of Yellowtail, Skip Jack Trevally and the
occasional school of passing Salmon. Add to this the Weedy Dragons that
frequent the weed beds around the site ( I didn’t see one but Mick found
one with eggs ) and the possible sighting of a Leafy Dragon then this place
becomes a site worth visiting.
After lunch we headed around to the marina where we were told we could
expect a good dive along the man made wall, both inside and out. We put out our dive flag and headed
along the wall and under a small jetty which was home to a large school of Yellow Tail as well as other
varieties of fish. There is not a great deal of life until you round the corner and head along the outside of
the wall. Here you can find more schooling Yellow Tail as well as many Old Wives, Small Groper and
Bulleyes. Scattered amongst the rocks are many different Starfish as well as corals and sponges. We also
found a lot of small Hermit Crabs here. Once again visibility is good at this site and although it was quite
windy the day before, it is well protected.
Our plans for Sunday were to do the same two dives but this time go wide angle but unfortunately we awoke to an overcast day. Back to
macro we re visited the bommie site and had another good dive. Unfortunately the wind and swell came up a little and the cold got the
better of us so we spent the rest of the day site seeing.
Over all the trip was well worth it and we will definitely return with the boat to further explore the area but if you don’t own a boat there is
plenty of good shore diving and all within easy reach with a two wheel drive vehicle. For a long weekend we were a little surprised to find
most places closed with only the resort available for a sit down meal and the local roadhouse for take away but be early.
As far as dive equipment goes Bremer Bay dive at 11 Gnombup Tce, Bremer Bay WA 6338, are very helpful and provide friendly service as
well as advice on where to dive.