The boring part of the site. I have put together a bit of information here about me and what has held my interests in the past and present including what I want to participate in when the opportunities arise . Any news about what is going on with my photography will also be updated on this page. You can ask questions or leave comments if you wish in the comments area at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you as soon as I can but please make sure you leave an email address.
to my photography portfolio. I put this site together to highlight the many different aspects of my photography. These include images photographed in environments from the depths of the ocean to the hillsides of Western Australia or may capture the intimacy of a lost moment. I feel that a photograph can be interpreted in any number of ways by any number of people and this site is my interpretation. Photographers that I have met and those who I would like to meet have inspired many images found in the galleries on this site."
Although I have primarily concentrated on underwater photography for the last thirty plus years I have always been interested in other forms of photography. It is not until the last few years that I have invested in equipment that is more suited for top side photography and an urge to shoot other subjects. I have spent a bit of time shooting landscapes and abstract type subjects and have now started on the human form. Incorporating models into harsh landscapes is one aspect I wish to spend more time with and I hope to expand in this area over the next few years.
I also intend to move to darker and more obscure stuff and have a number of themed shoots I would love to do. These will require a lot of work with setting up but will be well worth it. Some will be out doors and some in my home studio but all will come  in the near future so stay tuned!

Born in Adelaide, Australia I went to school locally and a subject that grabbed me at an early age was photography. I mostly had “hand me down” SLR cameras with a number of not so good lenses but I persisted and found a fascination with black and white photography along with developing my own film. While quite young I developed an interest in underwater photography so at the age of 15 I built my own housing from Perspex. In it I had a Kodak instamatic camera that was very limited but, it worked. Still got it now!

I moved to the West Coast when I was 16 and within a few years I had bought a Nikonis V system and started my journey in underwater photography. Many years later I moved to digital SLR cameras in aluminium housings and still use them to this day.

Not too long ago I popped my head above the surface and found that photography was not isolated to the depths of the ocean. I have discovered a whole new world that has encroached into my life and my eyes have opened to a completely new aspect in my photography.

A full frame camera and a selection of good “L” lenses have been added to my arsenal and I am really enjoying the path I have headed down. These days I shoot just about anything while trying to find new challenges.

March 2017 marked the launch of my new website which I put together to promote the path I have taken with my photography in recent years. Although I still shoot underwater I have finally moved to areas that have interested me for many years. I tried to keep this site as clean and neat as possible so that navigation was effortless and I also kept the number of images limited to, what I feel are, my best shots for a particular shoot or theme. I have enjoyed putting this site together and hope you all enjoy viewing it.
Perth , Western Australia
If you have any queries or need any info about any of the images on this site or my underwater site please feel free to contact me.