Every now and then I like to process my images in more unconventional ways based on things I see in nature or just to try something a little different. This page is dedicated to just this side of my photography and the images I have been able to create. I don't know where this will lead me but found the challenges of this type of photography of great interest. Processing also makes up a big part of these challenges and Photoshop has given me the tools needed to do this. Many of these images may contain some levels of nudity so if this offends then please, visit my other galleries.
series I
A collection of early composite works which started as a simple idea and has grown into a format that I get great satisfaction from.
series II
I am now trying new ways of looking at this format and I am incorporating things I would not have thought of before.
Born in Adelaide, Australia I went to school locally and a subject that grabbed me at an early age was photography. I mostly had "hand me down" SLR cameras with a number of not so good lenses but I persisted and found a facination with black and white photography along with developing my own film. At an early age I developed an interest in underwater photography so at the age of 15 I built my own housing from perspex. In it I had a kodak instamatic camera that was very limited but, it worked. Still got it now! I moved to the West Coast when I was 16 and within  ........ Read More
Perth , Western Australia
If you have any queries or need any info about any of the images on this site or my underwater site please feel free to contact me.